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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so it made me a little nervous. i have my phone ready in case i see something. >> we've had a lot of notes like this, this year, i feel like, around this area. >> reporter: now, we're hearing a little bit about a possible description for this man. the victim telling police he is a white man in his 20s, thin, but with broad shoulders. really only able to say that he took off in a dark colored van, maybe 2000 or 201. police are asking anyone with information to call them immediately. jim armstrong, wbz news. paula? >> jim, thank you. there's also breaking news in randolph where a girl was nearly kidnapped. beth germano is live for us. beth? >> reporter: it is a troubling case of a young girl approached school bus stop. she was able to break away, but it's prompted a safety alert in the area. it was just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon when the school bus made its rounds in this randolph neighborhood,
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what happened next was a frightening encounter when a stranger followed and granned her arm. >> she moved away from him, went down the street towards her home. she then stopped and sat down. he came and sat down next to her. he didn't say anything at that time. then he followed her once more again not making any statements to her. that is the last time that she saw him. >> reporter: it brought extra patrols to the area of lantern lane today. police say the suspect quickly took off. >> he ran from her down in the opposite direction down the street. >> reporter: obviously, you think there are sinister intentions here? intentions are. >> reporter: the middle school where the girl attends alerted parents to the ongoing investigation, which was raising safety concerns during pickup today. >> someone you don't know, don't go to strange cars. when you are with your friends, just be aware of where you are at. >> reporter: police were in and out of the neighborhood at dismissal, not seeing a trace
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>> clearly, the boundaries were stepped over in terms of you don't put your hands on anyone in particular. >> reporter: parents say it is a reminder for their children to be vigilant. >> we have a code word and just, you know, be aware. >> reporter: now, police say the girl was able to give them a very specific description of an older man who was wearing a baseball hat with the letters b and r. an investigation is also under way in quincy of a man approaching two little girls in the afternoon. descriptions are much different and at this point, they don't believe the cases are related. i'm beth germano, wbz news. david? to a developing story here at 6:00. the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere is on a collision course with mexico. chief meteorologist eric fisher
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what an image. >> can you imagen what a feeling for the straws astronauts to look at that below and know what's going on? the storm rapidly intensified from a strom to a cat 5 hurricane in less than 24 hours. here is a picture of patricia tonight. there you see a pin hole of a small one that collapsed on itself over the last couple of hours. it is weakening, but in this case, weakening still keeps it at a cat 5 storm. it beat out wilma, which is almost february years ago to the day. it was in the gulf of mexico and just a little bit deeper. in terms of pressure, all across "the globe" anywhere, that was october of 1979. there's maybe one little saving grace here. devastating hurricane no question. it's very small, compact. the hurricane force winds are
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the cat 5 hurricane winds are only 10 miles wide. it will be a very dangerous situation for many here. it may be hissing the urban centers but it may be one of the strongest to ever make landfall anywhere in the world. new at 6:00, a very scary encounter. >> i looked up and here's a guy with a black mask and hoody on. some an 87-year-old volunteer says he was confronted by two men who actually robbed a bingo game. he decided it was not worth fighting back. >> the organizers of the game said nothing like to has ever ken? >> reporter: paula, we're inside the knights of columbus unfolding. those doors are where the crooks came in. that table is where the elderly man was clutching the money box. he told me it made for a pretty exciting, heart pounding night even though the jackpot went out the door. as 87-year-old tom duffy tinkered with his ham radio this afternoon, he couldn't
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shake the jitters from last night. >> i looked up, and here's a guy with a black mask and moody on. to me, he looked like i was going to die, you know? >> reporter: a pair of men stormed in to the knights of columbus hall where he's run this bingo for decades. >> it took a good hour bring settled down. >> reporter: the crooks snatched the money box from duffy's hands as a stunned crowd of elderly bingo players watched in disbelief. duffy thought about fighting but only briefly as they made off with $1500. >> someone's taking my money box. i mean, my first instinct was to grab it but fortunately i didn't. >> give the money and remember as much as you can about them. call us as soon as it's safe to do so.
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truck. days? >> it's just one of those nights, i guess. >> reporter: some bingo players found one guy familiar. there is no surveillance video and if you know something, text the police crime line anonymously. ken macleod, wbz news. paula, back to you. a pepperell police officer just fired from his job is now being charged with strangling a prisoner. armando herrera was fired and now been indicted on witness intimization. police are searching for the gunman responsible for a murder in brighton. someone fired shots shortly before midnight last night hitting and killing a 30-year- old man. witnesses say this happened right in front of that man's girlfriend and his baby. >> i'm in shock.
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i just can't believe this is happening around here. to hear something like this, it really does make things really too close to home. >> boston police tell us tonight they are using surveillance video from that area as they hope to identify the shooter. the man who started staples and built it into a retail giant has died. thomas stemberg died at his home in chestnut hill. he was 66 years old. he launched staples in 1986. the chain now has more than 6800 stores. >> a former principal fired from her job is suing the archdiocese for a million dollars. last december she was investigated for possible indecent exposure after using the student bathroom while boys were inside. police decided he made a mistake and did not file any charges, but the principal, allison kelly was forced to resign along with the teacher and school's pastor. according to "the globe,"
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kelly's suit says she didn't do anything wrong and should not have been forced out of the school. coming up on the wbz news, back in the game. >> john farrell on the saddle with cancer. a battle it looks as though he has won. >> and no shirt, armed with a shotgun. >> and the most photographed places in boston on instagram.
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. a man carrying a shotgun held up a mcdonald's. he said "give me the money or i'll kill you pope" the workers fortunately were not hurt. new developments in a strange saga at logan airport. jetblue confirmed that it had
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an incident involving a worker taking a selfie. jetblue won't elaborate but last night an american airlines plane was taken out of service when a switchboard contractor climbed out onto the wing and took a selfie. the plane is back in service now. >> not the place. boston has plenty of familiar sights, but people on instagram really seem to like one of our lesser known attractions. >> yes, a company called ground signal put together the list of the most instagram places shared by number one is no surprise, fenway park but number 2 is a rich collection of books and art. 10 1/2 beacon street, cool address, too. >> i love that. >> i don't think people will be headed to the libraries. they want to get outside to enjoy the weather as they can.
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i have instagram, by the way. the half address, it's got to remind you of harry potter, right? current conditions are back here falling into the 40s. it's chilly outside already down to 43 at orange. i we'll keep the clouds near the coastline. the main weekend weather-maker is this system getting organized across the midwest. for this evening, upper 20s to lower 30s. mid-30s around downtown boston. again, those clouds holding on toward the cape and islands. as we head through the weekend, notice that late onshore flow keeping some of the low clouds around eastern massachusetts into the day. as we head toward the afternoon, clouds start to move in from the west. so it's kind of a squeeze play between the two. the wind will be much lighter tomorrow.
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i think it will feel fine for many activities outside. we head into sunday morning. it's going to bring a broken band of scattered showers. it looks like less than a quarter inch of rain around it. as we head toward lunchtime, most of that will be shifting out to sea and increasing sun will be moving in from northwest to southeast. saturday variable cloud cover, cool, temps in the low 50s. again, much less wind. saturday night with the thickening clouds. we'll stay in the 40s so it won't be as cold. sunday, becoming much brighter and mild by late october standards. looking at low 60s during the afternoon, which is good news for the patriots. for tailgating, you will be out there early. it will likely be a few showers. we're drying out in the game itself does look dry. low 60s out there feel good. if you are taking in foliage, you don't have to go far at all. it's past peak and a lot of leaves dropped. here in southern new england, some of the best color on the map.
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so a good couple of days to hit pictures. in terms of the tropics, patricia. 180 miles per hour sustained winds. already having an influence of not just mexico but the united states. note this moisture stream up into texas. already seeing over 10 inches of rainfall today. as this crosses mexico, gets ripped apart and loses its organization. it may bring more heavy rain to texas. wouldn't be surprised if a couple of towns there over a foot of rainfall. for us, it's caught up in the front and looks like late wednesday that thursday. that's when it will be reaching southern new england. here's the full accuweather seven-day. we're dry over the weekend. dry, cool and bright. then patricia's moisture watches rainfall late wednesday into thursday. david, paula, over to you. tomorrow is the last chance to see the floating
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sculpture over the green way. the piece created by brookline artists will be rae moved early sunday morning. it's made of high-tech rope that is stronger with steel and it's been a big hit. i like to see what they do in the future. i don't know about you, but our weekend plans are made around the patriots game. before we get to that, such great news out of the red sox organization. >> we heard yesterday that john farrell's doing much better. >> nice to hear, too, david. john farrell started his cancer treatment over two months ago. yesterday we got the news etch wanted to hear. today for the first time since he announced he was taking a leave of absence, the sox manager spoke to the media on a conference call. >> you go from almost 100 miles per hour down to a screeching halt. it's out of your control and to the point of, you know, you can't continue on in the capacity you were. the frustration came because i've got this cancer. i don't know how it came about.
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i don't know where it came from and yet i've got it. so, you know therance a choice you can make. put your tail between your legs and feel sorry for yourself but you know what? to hell with that. >> reporter: he's healthy enough to get on a plane to head out to arizona for the red sox organizational meeting. great to see him. we'll see him in fort myers as well. trying to get some guys back healthy. will he make his debut sunday? lafell said ask bill, but he's certainly getting close. >> like i said, i've been chilling the last few months just rehabbing. bill allows me to go with the team to do my warm-ups good the became and get my mind back focusing on the game instead of just walking the game and actually being able to go and do walk-throughs, watching film with the team and getting my
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mind back ready to play. now that i'm back on the field running around, cutting, opening it up, getting able to run, catch balls, it feels great. >> for more on the pats and jets, check patriots all access right here on wbz. also take a look back at last sunday's sitdown with belichick and zolak. then on sunday, don't forget wbz's got you covered start to finish patriots game day at 1:30. kickoff is immediately followed by the post game show. bc football team had a good week of practice, and they are hoping that it will lead to their first acc win of the eagles head to louisville. >> i can't explain enough how much it means to us to go down there and beat louisville to we're putting everything we have into the win and it is a must-win for us. >> coming up tomorrow at 12:30 over on my tv 38.
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win hoping to crack the acc scorecard and get a "w" that leads to a patriots win over the jets for the doubleheader. >> certainly hoping for all of that. next, straight from the mind of a 5-year-old boy. a young cancer patient gets the
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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the cbs evening news is coming up right after us at 6:30. >> scott pelley has a preview. scott? >> david, paula, we're going to start the broad with what is now the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. it will be making landfall in just a couple of hours on the pacific coast of mexico. also, it's friday. so we'll go on the road with steve hartman, who has a terrific story about a little girl who knew her horse could be a champion. boy, did the horse come through. we'll have that and the rest of
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about ten minutes. a little boy who has spent the last year fighting for his of his dreams. max mitchell designed the play house himself after seeing the swiss family robinson tree house in disney world. >> the make-a-wish foundation teamed up to make his dream a reality. we were there when we started construction. >> reporter: they are building a play house that only a little bow with a vivid imagination could dream up. >> it's got the main play hour and then a tower which will have an observation post on top of it. the turret will be positioned right there about halfway through. the play house will come this way. there will be a slide and a gang plank coming up here. >> reporter: it is a bit of a
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>> our goal is to in one day construct an entire play house for max. >> they built the play house in the boston warehouse then took it apart and trucked it out to shrewsbury. >> quite a reward for all he's had to deal with over the last eight, nine months. >> the last eight, nine months have been filled with radiation to treat ewing sarcoma. >> the shots, the chemo, and blood transfusions and everything. it is a lot for a 5-year-old to absorb, but at the same time, being 5, he is excited about life. he is excited about every day. >> so how did it turn out? we just got this video. it's raw video so bear with us. it's max in his tree house. he finished his cancer treatment. look at him, king of the castle up there tonight. >> he and his brother will spend hours up there having
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you can't get away with calling most state police adorable. >> up next, the tiny trooper
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andrew: the one thing about soccer is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
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this kid's uncle is a massachusetts state trooper and he finished second in a costume contest in his hometown. >> the kid who finished first was quickly arrested. >> very cute. >> i love when kids dress up like real people.
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i want a briefcase drinking coffee at the table. >> i love preschool halloween. >> we should dress up, by the way, next friday afternoon. >> gifts on hold. thank you for watching. >> see you back here at 11:00. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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